Please find below the programme of the 3rd Annual Symposium.

You can download the programme here.


Welcome speeches


Understanding educational neuroscience to develop a child-centred learning environment

Alexis Reid


Parallel sessions – Round I

Activating the child’s own natural desire to learn - Using Neuroscience as a way to understand key issues in early childhood development and education

Janice Darmanin

Realising brain science to reframe early childhood policy and practice

Dr Jacqueline Vanhear


Understanding contextual wellbeing to enhance positive engagement in learning

Dr Helen Street


Parallel sessions – Round II

The Neuroscience of Emotions: Understanding their role in learning

Keith Attard & Clarisse Schembri Frendo

“I feel what you are feeling”: Neural processes for empathy and its impact on academic and holistic achievement

Dr Amanda Bezzina

The fun imperative during learning: a neuroscientific perspective

Dr Angele Pulis


Making neuroscience education fruitful for an inclusive learning environment

Joanne Grima

Dr Jacqueline Vanhear

Daniel Sobel