Conference Details


The 2nd Annual Symposium will be held on 15th September 2021 at the Institute for Education in Pembroke*. It will focus on “Technology Enhanced and Remote Teaching and Learning”.

The Symposium is an opportunity for Master and Doctoral graduates, Doctoral candidates and researchers to present their recent work on the theme of Technology enhanced and remote teaching and learning and create synergies between educators and policy makers.

The themes explored during the 2nd Annual Symposium are:

·         Learning tools

·         Teaching methods

·         Remote learning – Perception and preparation of learners

·         Remote teaching and assessment – Perception, preparation and uptake of educators 

The draft agenda and the book of abstracts of the papers to be presented during the parallel during sessions are available for download here. 

*N.B. At present the 2nd Annual Symposium 2021 is planned to be held physically at the Institute for Education, but not excluding online depending on the circumstances in line with recommendations by the health authorities at the time. [last updated: 26th January 2021]