Malta Journal of Education

The Malta Journal of Education is an annual refereed journal published by the Institute for Education highlighting recent research in the field of education and teacher training and its relevance for policy and implementation. Its aim is to create synergies between researchers, educators, school leadership and policy makers. It is directed at Maltese and foreign scholars to present their recent research that can contribute to the further development of the Maltese ​education sector.

Each issue of the Malta Journal of Education is dedicated to a specific theme with research being both presented during the Institute’s annual symposium and published in the annual issue of the journal.

Malta Journal of Education

Institute for Education

Martin Luther King Road

Pembroke PBK 1990



ISSN print: 2708-7514

ISSN online: 2708-7522

Chief Executive Officer

Joanne Rita Grima


Christine Fenech, Senior Manager Research and Development, Institute for Education​


Volume​ 1, No 1, 2020: Internationalisation and Multiculturalism in Maltese Education and Society​

Volume 2, No 1, 2021: Technology Enhanced and Remote Teaching and Learning​​

Volume 2, No 2, 2021: Education Research 2021​

Volume 3, No 1, 2022: The Neuroscience of Learning​

Volume 3, No 2, 2022: Education Research 2022​