MJE 2022 Vol 03 No 02: Education Research 2022


This issue of the Malta Journal of Education gives an opportunity to students and staff of the Institute for Education to showcase their research findings from dissertations carried out in 2022 or undertaken research projects.


Selection and Editorial Board

Giambattista Bufalino

Randee Gauci

Rita Micallef

Maria Montebello

Doreen Said Pace

Heathcliff Schembri

Table of Contents - pp. 4-5


Editorial – p. 6

Exploring the Relationship Between School Autonomy and School Responsiveness as Perceived by Heads of Primary Schools in Malta – pp. 7-33

What Potential Does an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) Have in Addressing the Learning Needs of Educators in Malta? – pp. 34-55

An Investigation Into the Development of a Professional Learning Community in a Maltese Primary Church School – pp. 56-78

Researching Pupils’ Perspectives: What are the Quality Indicators of a Good School? – pp. 79-104

The Role of Secondary School Educational Leaders in Identifying and Responding to Child Sexual Abuse – pp. 105-128

The Role of the Senior Leadership Team in Promoting Class Teachers’ Wellbeing in Primary Schools – pp. 129-153

The Perceived Value of Church, Independent, and State Schools’ Employer Brands Among School Teachers in Malta – pp. 154-187

Educational Leaders’ Stress: An In-Depth Analysis of the Maltese Context – pp. 188-207

Investing in Social Capital to Embrace Formative Assessment – pp. 208-230

Cross-Curricular Teaching Within the Learning Outcomes Framework: The Experiences of Primary Teachers in Two State Schools in Malta – pp. 231-258

Maltese Teachers’ Perception of the Use of Digital Resources in the 21st Century Classroom – pp. 259-277​