MJE 2021 Vol 02 No 01: Technology Enhanced and Remote Teaching and Learning

This edition of the Malta Journal of Education contains the research presented at the second Annual Symposium of the Institute for Education on the subject of Technology Enhanced and Remote Teaching and Learning. While the theme has been influenced by the need for remote teaching and learning due to COVID-19, the research presented in this volume is by no means only focused on the evaluation of teaching conducted during school closures due to the pandemic.

Selection and Editorial Board

Keith Aquilina, Ministry for Education

Martin Debattista, Institute of Tourism Studies

Sharon Rolé, University of Malta

Roberta Trapani Maggi, Secretariat for Catholic Education

Contents – pp. 4-5

Editorial – pp. 6-20

The use of the Interactive Whiteboard within early years practice: Lived experiences of kindergarten educators in Malta – pp. 21-40

How can the Charter for 21st century literacies support technology-mediated teaching and learning? – pp. 41-56

The use of robotics embedded in playful learning scenarios in secondary schools: Teachers’ and students’ perspectives – pp. 57-80

Space, time and concentration in online teaching and learning – pp. 81-99

Understanding teacher learning in professional learning networks (PLNs): The emergence of lived learning experiences – pp. 100-122

The innovative teachers training for chemistry teaching through digital technologies – pp. 123-141

Formative assessment in online teaching and learning during the first COVID-19 Malta lockdown – Educators’ voices, types of practices and users – pp. 142-166

Students’ and parents’ perspectives on emergency e-learning in kindergarten and compulsory education – pp. 167-196

Adolescent exploration of identities in ‘third space’: Addressing holistic education and well-being through blended learning embedded in reflexivity – pp. 197-214

Students’ preparedness for distance learning – Gaps identified by MCAST educators – pp. 215-235

Student readiness: Training and re-training in online higher education – pp. 236-254

Converting a pandemic into educational opportunities: Lessons yielded from college students’ experiences during the first months of COVID-19 lockdown – pp. 255-273

Digital adult education: The impact of transitioning from in-class to emergency remote learning – pp. 274-294