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MJE 2020 Vol 01 No 01: Internationalisation and Multiculturalism in Maltese Education and Society

This edition of the Malta Journal of Education contains the research presented at the first Annual Symposium of the Institute for Education on the subject of Internationalisation and Multiculturalism in Maltese Education and Society in response to the recent influx of international students in Maltese schools.

Selection and Editorial Board

Professor Khalid Arar, Texas State University

Dr. Viviana Premazzi, Founder and Director Global Mindset Development

Dr. Anita Seguna, Manager Student Affairs, Institute for Education

Ms Antoinette Schembri, Assistant Head of School

Editorial page – p. 2-3

Contents – p. 4-5

Foreword – p. 7

Introduction – p. 9-13

Chapter 1: Internationalisation and Multiculturalism In Maltese Society – p. 14-23

Internationalisation of Maltese Society and Education – p. 24-51

Educators’ Constructions of Maltese Society – p. 52-73

Chapter 2: Internationalisation and Multiculturalism In Schools – p. 74-81

The Experience of Multiculturalism in Schools in Malta: a Qualitative Exploration – p. 82-105

How is the Learning Outcomes Framework Responding to an Internationalised School Culture in Primary Schools in Malta? – p. 106-133

Keeping the Student at the Focus – Character Education in a Multicultural Context – p. 134-157

The Language of the Future: The Motivation of Adults in Malta to Study Mandarin Chinese as a Foreign Language – p. 158-173

Chapter 3: Working in International and Multicultural Schools – p. 174-181

Tracking Conceptual Development in Multicultural Education: A Mixed-Methods Approach – p. 182-207

How can Intercultural Diversity be understood? The Lecturers' Response – p. 208-225

Migrant Learners' Unit: Scaffolding a Learning Culture Without Silos – p. 226-247

Social and Academic Preferences of Migrant Students in a Secondary School: The View from Within – p. 248-265

Chapter 4: Effective International and Multicultural Practices In Schools and Society – p. 266-271

Addressing Societal Polarisation in Maltese Schools through Experimental Laboratories – p. 272-295

Expanding Borders - A Study on Cultural Intelligence and Leadership Styles in a Maltese Primary School – p. 296-315

Facing the Challenge of Preparing Maltese Schools and Students for a Multicultural Society: An Opportunity to Redefine Identity in the Light of “Otherness” – p. 316-347

Author Information – p. 348-353

List of Abbreviations – p. 354