Installing the BlockCerts App

The Blockcerts Mobile App which can be easily downloaded by following the below Steps: 

Download the Blockerts app by clicking the link corresponding to your mobile operating system below: 



It is very important that the Passphrase is stored in a safe place as this will be required should the mobile device on which the app has originally been installed needs to be replaced.

Issuing of BlockCerts

The Institute will send out invites to the respective candidates who will be issued with a BlockCert to install the issuer (Institute for Education). Certificates will be published in appropriate time so that to give time for users to add the issuer. The certificates will be then published on the first day of each month so that anyone who might have missed the previous publication can then receive the invite to add the Certificate to his/her personal wallet.

Print a copy of the BlockCert in PDF format

To print a hardcopy or to have a backup viewable offline version below please find instructions on how this can be achieved:

  • Open the Blockcerts Wallet App on the mobile device.
  • Select the Issuer (institution issuing the Blockcert e.g. Institute for Education).
  • Select the desired Blockcert.
  • Select “Share.”
  • Select “Share Link.” 
  • You can choose to copy the credential link or share it in an application of your choosing. Suggest to share Link to yourself via preferred option.
  • Paste the link into your preferred browser.
  • From modern Chrome browsers, one can select the certificate area for printing (not the entire screen), click on the browser "Print functionality" and change Chrome Print "Options" settings to "Selection Only" followed by clicking on the "Print" button. One can also un/select the "Headers and footers" option as per below screenshot:

 Print selection from chrome.png

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