1. Writing a Dissertation Research Proposal

In writing a dissertation research proposal, course participants will first need to choose an area of education in which to conduct their research. For this, they may wish to refer to the Institute for Education’s list of potential areas of research and the list of supervisors found on the IfE platform under the module Dissertation.

Each supervisor has a wealth of experience and knowledge in their field to guide course participants towards a research area. Should a course participant have difficulty in finding choosing one, they are advised contact a potential supervisor in an area that interests them to discuss their research title and the possibility of being supervised by them.

If a course participant is still finding difficulty in choosing a research area in education that interests them, they are advised to get in touch with their course coordinator by email to set up a meeting with a member of the Institute for Education.

Once an area has been decided upon, course participants will need to fill in the Dissertation Proposal Form​ and submit a hard copy of it to their respective Course Coordinator by the last Friday of March.

2. Review of Dissertation Proposals

Following the submission of a dissertation proposal, the Dissertation Board will review the proposed research and provide feedback by mid-May with approval or suggested amendments.

Research proposals with requested amendments need to be submitted to the Institute for Education by the end of the first week of June.

Final confirmation on dissertation proposals will be sent to course participants by end of June along with the assigned dissertation supervisor.


3. Research Ethics and Writing your Dissertation

Following approval of the dissertation proposal, course participants are advised to establish contact with your supervisor to commence working on the dissertation.

Before conducting research and analysis, course participants will need to submit an Ethics Approval Form​ under the guidance of your dissertation supervisor. This form needs to be submitted to the Institute for Education by end of the second week of September before their final academic year of study. Course participants will be able to commence fieldwork once they have received clearance from the Ethics Board.


4. Feedback from Supervisor

Course participants are entitled to at least six but not exceeding ten meetings with their supervisor. They are advised to ensure that these meetings are productive by providing their supervisor with updated work in a timely manner to receive constructive feedback.

Course participants may submit each chapter for review and feedback twice and a final time when the full dissertation draft is ready prior to final submission.

It is the course participant’s responsibility to ensure that your writing satisfies academic quality and rigour. For further information, you may refer to the Institute for Education’s Dissertat​ion Handbook​.

5. Submission of Dissertation

Once their dissertation is finalised, course participants are to submit four physical spiral-bound dissertations in accordance with the D​issertation Handbook and a digital version submitted through Turnitin©. These are to be received by the second Friday of May of the final academic year of study.


6. Viva Voce Examinations

i. Bachelor Degrees

Following dissertation submission, the Institute for Education may conduct viva voce examinations for a select number of participants. These will be chosen and conducted at the discretion of the Board of Examiners by the end of July of the final academic year of study.

ii. Master Degrees

Following dissertation submission, course participants will be requested to attend a viva voce by the end of July of the final academic year of study.

The Institute for Education may request the course participant to take on board further suggestions for their final version and will not issue a grade until they have been implemented. The course participant will need to submit the dissertation by a stipulated date given by the Board of Examiners. Once the amended version is received, the Board of Examiners will review the dissertation and a final grade and classification will be issued.

7. Submission of a final version to the Institute for Education

Once final grade is issued, course participants are requested to submit one final hardbound copy and one digital copy for the Institute for Education’s Library by the first week of September.