Short Programmes                                      

Accredited short programmes/Awards are offered part-time and consist of several modules with their own respective assessment. These programmes give opportunity for persons working within the education sector to further their knowledge and practices to enhance the learning experience of students. 

Short Programmes currently on offer are:







Award in Educational Neuroscience​​




Introductory Course for Supply Teachers (Award)​




Award in Supporting Learners w​ith Individual Educational Needs​



FFL Award in the Foundations of a Family Literacy Intervention Programme​ ​7 ​12
​TWS ​Award in Teaching Writing Skills in Primary and Secondary Schools​ ​6 ​6
​MIE Award in Multiculturalism in Education: Facing and Interpreting the Challenges Ahead​ ​6 ​8
​ACE Assisting the Childcare Educator​ ​3 ​30


Mode of Delivery

These short programmes are delivered through a blended learning approach, with an approximate amount of 75% online and 25% face-to-face. The online approach may be either synchronous or asynchronous sessions. Information related to the structure and delivery of each module may be accessed through the IfE portal. For further details, kindly refer to the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy and ProceduresThe language of instruction and assessment is English with the exception of Maltese used in modules specific to the Maltese language or as otherwise prescribed.​

Lectures are held either online or at the Institute for Education and/or workshops/sports grounds of licensed compulsory education schools or premises. The teaching practice module will be delivered at licensed, compulsory education schools.


Assessment Methods

Short Programmes adopt a variety of formative, continuous and summative methods of assessment across their modules. These include assignments, online tasks, portfolios, reflective journals, projects, presentations and practicums. For further details, kindly refer to the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy and Procedures​.

Grading System

Assignment Grading System​



Upon successful completion of these courses, course participants will be conferred an accredited certification.


Further Learning Opportunities and Career Progression


Upon successful completion of a programme, course participants may use certification conferred to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning for accredited programme, if applicable.


 Target Audience     

 Educators and anyone holding the eligibility criteria as indicated in the various courses

Ages 18+



Applications for the Short Programmes open periodically throughout the year with individual closing dates indicated on the Institute for Education’s online portal:

For any queries related to the Admissions process kindly contact​