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In order to assist educators in the reflective process and to personalise their professional learning choices, the IfE inv​ites educators to use the Individual Professional Development Plan. The IPDP is a self-reflective tool that guides the educator to focus on SMART goals relevant to their current professional practice and prospective future career path.


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Educators are encouraged to attend self-sought courses to enhance their professional development and benefit from the Accelerated Progression Scheme. The IfE offers an array of accredited awards and non-accredited modules covering all areas of education. Choose from the following:

Masters in Applied Educational Leadership (Accredited)

Master of STEM Education and Engagement

PGC in Digital Competences for Education

Short Programmes (Accredited Awards)

Stand-alone Modules (Accredited Awards)

Educator Sessions (

Schools are obliged to offer their educators professional training in relation to their School Development Plan in the form of CoPE sessions. The IfE has compiled a List of Professional Learning Areas that schools can choose from. SLTs can communicate their requested CoPE session/s by completing the online CoPE Sessions Request Form.

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