Parent / Guardian Sessions

Embracing Diversity​​ 
Code Title
PS17 Developing Intercultural Communication Capabilities
PS24 What parents need to know about LGBTIQ Issues in schools;
PS44 How to talk to my child about LGBTIQ Issues.
PS45 Global kids. Skills and competencies needed to help our kids to become global citizens
PS47 Cultural Expression as a Form of Learning
Code Title
PS01 Language development in the early years
PS03 School Libraries, Public Libraries and Children
PS06 Qari mat-tfal bejn 5-10
PS08 L-Istrateġija nazzjonali tal-litterizmu – Sehem l-ġenituri/kustodji fit-twettiq tagħha
PS09 How to create a Literacy-rich environment
PS10 The promotion of bilinguism in families
PS12 Qari mat-tfal bejn il-0-5 snin
PS13 The importance of reading in your child's educational journey
PS14 Intejbu l-esperjenza tal-qari ta’ uliedna
PS16 Understanding the complexities of reading and writing in English. What is different to Maltese? How can I help my child?
PS18 L-Ortografija tal-Malti
PS21 Il-proġett rakkonti tal-Aġenzija Nazzjonali tal-litteriżmu
PS22 Kif nista’ ngħin lit-tfal jaqraw u jiktbu bil-Malti meta dawn għadhom lanqas jagħrfu l-ittri kollha?
PS23 The National Literacy Strategy, Implications for parents/caregivers – What ca I implement at home with my children
PS25 L-irrakontar tal-istejjer
PS28 Logħob u riżorsi għat-tagħlim tal-Malti
PS31 Raising Bilingual Children
PS33 'Enjoy Paired Reading with your child'
PS52 The importance of play for language and educational development
PS55 Encouraging reading and writing
PS57 Writing Strategies for parents

Methodology in the classroom​

Code Title
PS04 The immediate environment as a potential learning tool
PS37 Project based Learning at School/Home
PS51  Cross-Curricular Educational Projects at Home


Code Title
PS20 Making Maths Meaningful at Home
PS34 A Hands-On Approach to Maths
PS35 Mental Maths in the Early Years
PS36 Maths Using Recyclable Material
PS38 Hands-On Minds-On Maths

Nurturing positive attitudes in schools​ 

Code Title
PS19 Positive Parenting - What is it?
PS39 Managing Behaviour in Schools Policy - Threeflold Collaboration between Educators, Parents and Students
PS43 Using Positive Behaviour Strategies with Young Children (Ages 3 - 10)
PS56 Using Positive Behaviour Strategies with Adolescents (Ages 11 - 16)
PS58 Managing Behaviour in Schools Policy - Threeflold Collaboration between Educators, Parents and Students

Parental Involvement​ 

Code Title
PS02 Be the best parent you can be!
PS05 Supporting your child to become an independent learner
PS11 Empowering parents as partners in their children education
PS26 Together Everyone Achieves More
PS27 Parents as collaborators in our children's education
PS29 Effective Home-School Partnership
PS40 "Together is better"- The role of Parents as key persons in children's education
PS48 Taking the Role of the Teacher at Home
PS49 Bridge the Gap with Your School
PS50 STEAM projects at home

Supporting  students in their indivual educational needs​ 

Code Title
PS07 Facilitating Learning for the Child who is on the Autism Spectrum
PS15 We all learn in different ways: Applying Multiple Intelligence and Bloom's Taxonomy to support our children's learning
PS30 When parenting gets challenging-supporting parents to support their children in school.
PS42 Helping children with learning difficulties
PS46 Sociology of Inclusive Education
PS53 Learning more about your child's additional needs & ways you can support him/her.
PS54 Exploring Anger


Code Title
PS41 Exploring Stress and Journeying into Self