Parent / Guardian Sessions

Embracing Diversity​​
Code Title
PSS17 Developing Intercultural Communication Capabilities
PSS24 What parents need to know about LGBTIQ Issues in schools;
PSS44 How to talk to my child about LGBTIQ Issues.
PSS45 Global kids. Skills and competencies needed to help our kids to become global citizens
Code Title
PSS01 Language development in the early years
PSS52 The importance of play for language and educational development
PSS55 Encouraging reading and writing
​PSS68 ​Supporting your Child in Literacy Development​

Nurturing positive attitudes in schools​ 
Code Title
PSS43 Using Positive Behaviour Strategies with Young Children (Ages 3 - 10)
PSS56 Using Positive Behaviour Strategies with Adolescents (Ages 11 - 16)

Parental Involvement​ 
Code Title
PSS05 Supporting your child to become an independent learner
PSS26 Together Everyone Achieves More
PSS27 Parents as collaborators in our children's education
PSS29 Effective Home-School Partnership
​PSS67​ Th​e Football Parent

Supporting  students in their indivual educational needs​ 
Code Title
PSS07 Facilitating Learning for the Child who is on the Autism Spectrum
​PSS32 ​Facilitating Learning for the Youth who is on the Autism Spectrum
PSS42 Helping children with learning difficulties
PSS53 Learning more about your child's additional needs & ways you can support him/her.
​PSS66 Autism: Myths and Facts about Autism​

Code Title
​PSS61 Addressing Children's Needs​
​PSS62 ​Maintaining Healthy Relationships with Children
​PSS63 ​Ensuring Children's Safety Online

Methodology in the Classroom
Code Title
​PSS64 ​Encouraging Communication Development
​PSS65 ​Social stories ​