As part of the ongoing process to enhance continuous professional development, the Institute for Education is proposing tailor-made traini​ng sessions for Educators and Parents/Guardians within schools / colleges.

The scope of this initiative is to provide customized sessions according to the needs of the school / college as identified through the SDP targets of their schools. In order to facilitate educators and parents attendance to such sessions, the Institute is suggesting that these sessions are hosted by one of your schools after school hours.

Speaker remuneration will be covered by the Institute and 5 vouchers (valid for accredited stand-alone modules held at the IfE) will be given to the hosting school for its educators. 


In order to book these sessions, communicate with Fiona Vassallo Medici via email and complete the online form http://bit.ly/2IU03er giving details of the session/s required.

Session Areas and Titles​

Parental / Guardians Sessions List​​

Educators Session List


Contact details as follows:


Fiona Vassallo Medici

Manager Centre Administrator


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