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Emotional literacy comprises the knowledge of one’s feelings, the ability to empathize, the acknowledgment of feelings, the repair of emotional damage and the understanding of the world around us (Steiner with Perry, 1997; Matthew, 2006).

Emotional literacy plays an important role for the establishment of a positive school which enhances holistic achievement. This is because it expands mental and social awareness (Fredrickson, 1998, 2009), thus broadening the attention and thinking skills, enabling flexibility and enhancing one’s personal skills and resources.

A positive school can be defined as a school with students who experience school satisfaction and emotional health. Current research is showing us that emotional literacy contributes to the academic and holistic achievement of the students. This is because positive schools practice emotional literacy which creates a positive relationship between the educators and the students.  

Emotional literacy is a competence which needs to be practiced by educators. Along the years, we are becoming more aware of the importance of emotional literacy for self-care and to help our students to preserve their quality of life and to deal with their daily life challenges. Keeping this need in mind, the Institute for Education (IfE_ is organizing a conference on emotional literacy with the name “Feel and Achieve”.

“Feel and Achieve” is a conference that is targeted towards all educators. The keynote speech will focus on the importance of emotional literacy in our education system. Through a series of workshops, participants can reflect on different themes, all centred around emotional literacy. Workshops will focus on the role of creativity, the role of expressive art, the role of dance and the role of mindfulness to enhance emotional literacy. There will also be a focus on how the ‘Journey Cards’ and the ‘Friendship Cards’ help in the development of emotional literacy. Dyslexia and autism will also be discussed in relation to emotional literacy. The webpage presents a list of readings which can further inform the participants about this research area​.

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